CalSTRS Report, December 5, 2019

By Pat Geyer, CalRTA Liaison to CalSTRS

The Committee heard an overview of the top 5 issues in Appeals.  They are:

(1) compensation (9 cases),

(2) creditable compensation (bonus, vehicle compensation) (8 cases),

(3) errors (7 cases)

(4) disability (6 cases)

(5) compensation for extra duties (5 cases)  Other issues are time of retirement and number of years worked.

The Walnut Creek School District reported one-time compensation to the Defined Benefit Account when it should have been reported to the Defined Benefit Supplement Account.  This decision was made on March 29, 2019.  This decision has been designated a Precedential Decision; it is binding on future administrative adjudications unless rescinded by the Appeals Committee.

Next the Committee heard the following appeals cases:

  • Farnam of the Santa Clara Office of Education worked 210 days rather than the 185 days typical of the school year because she was teaching in special education. She requested that 210 days of payment should go to the Defined Benefit Account rather than just 185 days to defined benefit account and the remainder to the defined benefit supplement account.
  • Julia Ramirez requested that her husband’s member only benefit should have been a joint benefit. Therefore when Mr. Ramirez died Julia Ramirez, his widow should have continued to receive the CalSTRS benefits.
  • Hilton last day of compensation was November 22, 2016. Later on August 22, 2017 she submitted an application for disability benefits.
  • Patricia Hogan-Johnson requested that her extra duties with the Del Paso School District should be included in her Defined Benefit Account rather than her Defined Benefit Supplement Account. CalSTRS did not discover this error until later.

In cases 2,3, and 4 the Appeals Committee adopted the decisions.  Case 1, Mrs. Farnam, of the Santa Clara Office of Education, will be decided by the committee later.

Pat Geyer was on vacation in Sicily during the other CalSTRS meetings in November, so she will be unable to give a report on them.